• Planning and implementation of various labor laws, rules and schemes through following Commissionarates ,Directorates and Courts.
    • Labour Commissionarates including Mathadi and Security Guards Boards,
    • Development Commissioner for the unorganized sector workers,
    • Directorates of Industrial Safety and Health
    • The Directorates of Steam Boiler,
    • Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies,
    • Labours Welfare Board, and
    • Honorable Industrial and Labor courts
  • Observe healthy Industrial relations for maintaining Industrial peace, also execute welfare schemes for workers.
  • Amendments in labour laws and labour policies of the service sector and the industrial sector in the state in the interest of workers and their welfare for long terms.
  • 90% of the total workers are in the unorganized sector, workers like domestic workers, building and other construction workers, garbage and solid waste workers, agricultural laborers, shall be include under unorganized sector, to make various strategies and schemes for workers of unorganized sector and implement it.
  • To provide necessary assistance and information to State assembly for discussion and debate carried out during session.
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