Late Narayan Meghaji Lokhande Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies


Master of Labour studies - Post Graduate course Exam in the year 2012-13
Title Result
MLS Part- I 100 %
MLS Part-II 100 %
Diploma T.U. & I.R 100 %
  • Consistently good results of the MLS Post Graduate Course of University of Mumbai.
  • Candidates securing various prizes of the University of Mumbai :
    • The Peter Alvares Scholarship and Bronze Medal for securing the highest number of marks in the subject of Trade Unionism and Labour Movement.
    • The Telephone Workers' Mr. S. G. Kasbekar Memorial Prize for securing highest number of marks at the MLS Examinations.
    • The Late Mr. D. G. Phatak Memorial Prize for securing the highest number of marks in the subject of "Trade Unionism and Labour Movement” at the MLS Examinations.
  • Apart from guiding students in preparing project reports for their Masters’ Degree Examination, the Institute also conducts research studies on subjects of topical interest in the labour field. It also undertakes research work at the instance of State and Central Government agencies, with a view to providing necessary inputs to the Government in making decisions on labour matters. To mention a few, the Institute has conducted a case-study of 'Labour Management Relations' at the India United Mills Ltd., Mumbai and the Empress Mills Ltd. At Nagpur, a basic survey on 'Trade Unions in Maharashtra', a study of 'Child Labour' at Ichalkaranji under the auspices of National Committee on Child Labour.
  • The Institute admitted the student for Ph.D. in Labour Studies on selective basis and three students have been awarded Ph.D. of the University of Mumbai in the last five years.
  • The Institute was identified as a nodal agency for imparting training in respect of enforcement of child labour legislation under International Programme on Elimination of the Child Labour (IPEC) sponsored by the ILO.
  • Implementation of USDOL project and running the State Resource Cell (SRC- 2004-2006) for generating awareness amongst stakeholders as to issue of child labour.
  • Preparation of draft of State Action Plan for Elimination of child labour in Maharashtra (2005).
  • Best student in Management award to the Institute by the Centre for Change Management, Mumbai.
  • A large number of past students of this Institute are occupying very senior positions at corporate level in personnel as well as industrial relations field. It is a feather in the cap of this Institute that in almost every industry, whether it is Engineering, Chemical, Pharmaceutical or Textile, a good number of past students are at the helm of affairs as far as Industrial Relations and Personnel Management area are concerned ( in private, public and Government). Thus contributing for maintaining Industrial peace and harmony in the State of Maharashtra.
  • The first capacity building programme for Trade Unionists and NGOs working in unorganized sector in collaboration with Mr. V. V. Giri National Labour Institute, Noida.
  • Privilege of conducting the first programme in Maharashtra for Researchers in the field of Labour Studies in collaboration with Mr. V. V. Giri National Labour Institute, Noida.
  • Privilege of running unique Leadership Development Programme i.e. Diploma in Trade Unionism and Industrial Relations for active Trade Unionists which is only of its kind run by the Government in India.
  • The Institute provides opportunities for the students to participate in various extra curriculum activities conducted by the different organizations like Employer’s Federation of India, Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry, National Institute of Personnel Management.
  • With a view to having continuous interactions with the ‘World of work’ and to keep the faculty abreast of the latest development in the field of personnel management, labour welfare and industrial relations, the Institute organizes seminars on the topics of current debate.
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