Late Narayan Meghaji Lokhande Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies

Academic Terms

The Academic Terms, Working Hours & Attendence at The Late Narayan Meghaji Lokhande Maharashtra Institute of Labour Studies (LNMLMILS)

  • The Academic year of the Institute commences in the middle of June. The First Term breaks for Diwali vacation sometime in the month of October/November and the Second Term commences sometime in the month of November/ December as per the University Schedule. Towards the end of December, the Institute closes for a short Christamas break. The Institure also breaks for the Summer Vacation about one and half months duration from the end of April till the Middle of June.
  • The following shall be the minimum attendence necessary for keeping the terms: For granting the terms in each subject the minimum attendence of 75 percent of the theory, lectures, practicals and tutorials (whenever prescribed) sepatately will be required out of the total number of lectures, practicals and tutorials in the subject conducted in the term.
  • The training institute is of full time nature and students are therefore NOT permitted to undertake any other PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT DURING THE TRAINING. Those in Employment should produce an undertaking at the effect that they have been allowed to join the course and they will be available to attend the Institute between 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM which would normally be the working hours of the Institute. Applications for admissions will not be entertained unless this certificate signed by the employer is sent along with the application. Working hours of the Institute are generally from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM however if necessary, the students may be required to attend Institute even from 8:00 AM. The field work may be arranged outside these hours.
  • Students studying for the Master’s Degree in Labour Studies shall be required to carry out the practical training prescribed for the course to the satisfaction of the Director of the Institute.
  • Students should not ordinarily remain absent from the training without the previous permission from the Director. In extra ordinary circumstances any absence from the training should be immediately be intimated and wherever necessary the application should be supported by a the medical certificate. It should be noted that "Leave with permission” will be treated as absence as per the rules and absence without permission or due intimation will be treated as an act of indiscipline.
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