Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board


Overview The Bombay Labour Welfare Act, 1953 came to existence/force on 17th June 1953. The adoption of Bombay Labour Welfare Act, 1953 is but a most important measure since its activities not only give benefits to the workers but also to their families and dependents. The workers of Maharashtra are fortunate that such measures are statutorily available to them through a Statutory Body.

The Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board is a statutory body constituted under the Bombay Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1953, and it conducts labour welfare activities through the labour welfare centers. The welfare activities conducted at the Labour Welfare centers include the management and organization of information centers, libraries and reading rooms, nursery schools and shishu mandirs, tailoring, sewing, handicraft classes, outdoor and indoor games, entertainment, educational and recreational programmes, audio-visual aids, scouting, exhibitions, excursions and Health programmes, etc.

In addition to the daily routine activities, occasional activities like celebration of national and special days, competitions in games and sports and cultural festivals are also organized in which a great number of workers and their family members and others actively participate.

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