Commissioner of Labour

The Trade Unions Act, 1926

The Trade Union Act, 1926 provides for registration and cancellation of unions. It also defines law relating to registered trade Union.

Any seven members of Trade Union can apply for registration of the union under the Trade Union Act, 1926, provided total no. of members in union shall be 10% or 100 of workman whichever is less engaged/employed in establishment or industry and form a Trade Union. The employers can also form their own Association/Unions under the Act, which can be registered by the Registrar for the purpose mentioned above. The registration of a Trade Union may be cancelled by the Registrar, among other, if he is satisfied that any trade union has contravened the provisions of the Trade Union Act, including submission of Returns, prescribed thereunder.

Registered Trade Union gets civil and criminal immunities for any Acts dons by it or its office-bearers or members thereof in furtherance of a trade dispute, provided the Acts and not illegal under any low.

Any member of a registered trade union for a period of not less than 6 months can, with the consent of the Registrar and by following the procedure laid down under the Act refer to the Industrial Count any of the following disputes for decision

  • Disputes as to whether any person is an office- bearer or a member of the registered trade union.
  • Expulsion of any office-bearer or a member of the registered tread union.
  • Dispute relating to the property including account books of any registered tread union.

Emphasis of the Act is an encouraging organization of worker into store tread union and collective for settlement of industrial dispute.

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