Commissioner of Labour

The Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act 1948

For the interest and to regulate the working condition of the employees engaged in Shops, Commercial Establishments, Hotel, Theatres and other Establishments, the Bombay Shops and Establishment Act, 1948 come into the force on 11th January 1948.

This Act restricts timing of opening and closing hours of Shops and Commercial Establishment. It keeps control on daily and weekly hours of work of the employees, interval for rest, Spread over. It provide overtime wages, paid holiday and Leave with wages to employees. It also provides Health and Safety. It prohibits employment of Young persons and woman during certain period of Child Labour, Employees working in Shop, Commercial Establishment of Child Labour, Employees working in Shops, Commercial Establishment and Industrial Establishment get the benefits of payment of Wages Act, Workman Compensation Act, Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act and Maternity Benefit Act for Woman employees under the provision of this Act. Government may grant exemption under this Act to particular Shop or the Commercial Establishment or class of Shop or Commercial Establishment or class of Shops or class of Commercial Establishment Applied for it.

In order to ensure Ease of doing Business the Government of Maharashtra has simplified the process of issuing the registration of the shops and establishments under the Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act, 1948.

Accordingly the Labour Department of Government of Maharashtra has issued Notification Dtd. 18.05.2015 regarding issuance of the Registration Certifcate and Renewal of Registration under the Maharashtra Shops and Establishments Act, 1948 within Seven working days from the date of receipt of the application. Failing of which the Registration or Renewal of the Registration of the establishment shall be deemed to have been granted.

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