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License Renewal

How to do License Renewal of your Factory online using Mahakamgar

Welcome to Mahakamgar. We shall help you to get your Factory License Renewal online using Mahakamgar.


Every such application shall be accompanied by relevant physical documents as listed below.

Sr. No. Title Download
1 Required filling Form License Renewal (Form 2)(62 KB)

Mandatory - Items

  • Application in Form 2 Form 2 - Affix Court Fee Stamp of: र 10 for renewal of license for a period not exceeding 10 years
  • Original License Certificate
  • Challan/Fee Reciept: Original copy of Challan of license fees paid + one self certified xerox copy of challan
  • Electricity Bill (Incase of Change in Installed HP.)
  • Proof of Occupiership : If there is Change in Occupier

    In Case of Limited/Private Limited Company
    • MOA, List of Directors with residential address certified by company secretary .
    • A copy of appointment as a Director in prescribed format certified by ROC, Resolution of Board of Directors to appoint any one Director as a Occupier..

    In case of Partnership Firm
    • Partnership Deed with duly Registered at Register of Firms. NOC for other partner for accord one partner an Occupier.
    • In case Central/State Government Organization, an Order issued by an appropriate authority/G.R. in respect of the person working as a Occupier.

Application will be processed as per the provisions of the Rule 8 of the Maharashtra Factories Rules 1963..


  • Notification to applicant will be sent on his Email or SMS. Hence request to provide email address and mobile number.
  • Click on Help on the top right corner of this application form, a sample application form duly filled with sample data in bilingual is available for your reference.
  • Take copy of application form using Print form before submitting.
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