Commissioner of Labour

Development Commissioner of Labour (Unorganised Labour)

  • To monitor and control on the schemes implemented by various welfare boards for the Un-Organised workers.
  • To give necessary feedback to the Government from time to time.
  • Direct to specific welfare board to convene meeting of the board to discuss on urgent matters, as he may deem fit.
  • To ensure that meetings of the board shall be held periodically.
  • To ensure the execution of resolutions passed by the board.
  • To take suitable steps if any irregularities are detected by the Development Commissioner or brought to his notice.
  • To ensure that provisions of the schemes in regard to the beneficiaries are carried out.
  • To ensure that all forms, Registers, Returns and documents are revised by the board is properly maintained.
  • To ensure that suitable data in regard to the output of the scheme is complied with appropriate remarks and explanations.
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