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Registration of Establishment

It is Mandatory for an Employer to Register the Establishment – (Section 7 and 10)

In the event of non-registration, the employer of an establishment to which the Act applies is prohibited from employing building workers.

Procedure for registration of an establishment (Section 7)

  • Every employer in relation to an establishment to which this Act applies shall submit an application in triplicate in Form-I to the Registering Officer of that area in which the building and other construction work is to be carried out by the establishment. [( Sec.7, Rule 22)]
  • Every application shall be accompanied by a demand draft for payment of the appropriate fees for the registration.

Fees slabs for the grant of certificate of registration

S. No. No. of building workers proposed to be employed Amount of fees(र)
1 Up to 50 र 250/-
2 Exceeds 50 but does not exceed 100 र 500/-
3 Exceeds 100 but does not exceed 300 र 1000/-
4 Exceeds 300 but does not exceed 500 र 2000/-
5 Exceeds 500 र 2500/-

Application for registration of establishment to be delivered personally or sent by registered post to the Registering Officer. The Government of Maharashtra vide Notification dated 26th June 1997 have appointed Assistant Commissioners of Labour to be the Registering Officers and have defined the limits within which these officers shall exercise the powers confirmed on them by or under the Act.

Grant of Registration certificate – The Registering Officer to issue a certificate of registration within 15 days if such application has complied with all the requirement as laid down in the Rules.

Certificate of Registration shall be non transferable.

Notice of commencement of building or other construction work

Employer shall intimate at least 30 days before to the Inspector having jurisdiction in the area where proposed building or other construction work is to be executed and to furnish details as per section 46 of the Act.


If employer fails to give notice as per section 46, he shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three months, or with fine which may extend to two thousand rupees, or with both.

Duties and responsibilities of employer towards safty and health of worker

Employer shall be responsible for providing constant and adequate supervision over construction work to ensure compliance with the Act relating to safety and for taking all practical steps necessary to prevent accidents. (section 40 and 44)

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Registration of Worker

Procedure for registration of building workers

  • A building construction worker who has completed his 18 year of age but has not completed 60 years of age,
  • Who has been engaged in any building or other construction work for not less than 90 days during the preceding 12 months.
Application Form

An application for registration shall be made to the officer authorized by the Board (Form V)

The application for registration shall be accompanied with the following documents

  • Fee as fixed by the Board (Rs 25 as per Board resolution dated _______________)
  • Proof of age Birth certificate/ school leaving certificate/Aadhar card/ Election photo identity card/ Ration card / Passport/ Certificate from competent medical authority.
  • Certificate from the present employer or self certification on affidavit along with authentication from the union
  • 3 copies of Passport size Photograph.
Identity cards
  • The Board shall give to every beneficiary an identity card with photograph,
  • Every employer shall enter in the identity card the details of building and other construction work done by the beneficiary and authenticate the same and return it to the beneficiary.
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