Commissioner of Labour


Appointment of Safety Committee and Safety Officers

The employer of an establishment, having 500 or more building workers, shall constitute a Safety Committee, consisting of equal number of representatives of employer and building workers employed in such establishment. (Section 38)

The representative of management on this Committee shall include

  • A Senior Officer as Chairman
  • A Safety Officer as a Secretary
  • The workers representative shall be elected by the workers.

The main functions of this Safety Committee

  • To identify probable causes of accident & unsafe practices and to suggest remedial measures.
  • To stimulate interest in safety by organizing safety weeks, safety competitions, talks and films show on safety and preparing posters
  • To check unsafe practices and detect unsafe conditions and to recommend remedial measures for their certification,
  • To look into health hazardous associated with handling different explosive chemicals and other construction materials and to suggest remedial measures,
  • To suggest measures for improving welfare amenities and other aspects of safety, health and welfare
  • The safety Committee shall meet at regular intervals atleast once in a month,
  • The decision and recommendation of safety Committee shall be complied with by the employer within reasonable time.

Appointment of safety officers - (Rule 236 )

The employer of every establishment having 500 & more workers shall also appoint a Safety Officer as laid down in the scale given below

  • Upto 1000 building workers – 1 Safety Officer
  • Upto 2000 building workers – 2 Safety Officer
  • Upto 5000 building workers – 3 Safety Officer
  • Upto 10000 building workers – 4 Safety Officer For every additional 5000 building workers or part thereof – 1 Safety Officer ( Schedule VI)

Duties of Safety Officers

To advise and assist the employer in the fulfillment of his obligations, statutory or otherwise concerning prevention of personal injuries and maintaining a safe working environment.(Schedule VI)

Employer to give notice of accident - (Section 39, Rule 237)

The employer shall give notice in Form XXVII of any accident on the construction sites to

  • The Asstt.Commissioner of Labour/ Dy. Commissioner of Labour, having jurisdiction in the area.(Authority appointed under Section 39 of the Act)
  • The Board,
  • The Chief Inspector,
  • The next kin or other relative of building workers involved in an accident,
  • The notice of any accident which causes
  • Loss of life or
  • Disables such building workers from work for more than 10 days, shall also be sent to
    • The officers in charge of nearest police station
    • The district magistrate or if the district Magistrate by order so desires to the Sub- divisional magistrate.
  • On receipt of the Notice which relates to an accident causing death of 5 or more persons the Authority shall make an enquiry of such accident within one month on the receipt of the Notice.
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