Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health

First Aid and Training Institutes

Every such application shall be accompanied by relevant physical documents as listed below.

Sr. No. Title Download
1 Registration Form Recognition First Aid and Training Institutes(16 KB)
2 Renewal Recognition First Aid and Training Institutes(15 KB)

Mandatory - Items

  • Prescribed Form
  • AffidavitList of Equipments
  • Sound System
  • Overhead Projector
  • Mannequins
  • Challan/Fee Receipt
  • List of Faculties with attested copy of Qualification Certificates from MCI (Medical Council of INDIA)
  • AFIH (Associate fellow of Ind Health) / DPH (Diploma in Public Health)/ DIH (Diploma in Ind. Health )
  • Experience in First Aid Training (Min 5 Years)
  • Details of Training Assistants (min 2)
  • Plan Layout including Library (Capacity for at least 30 Candidates for Training Hall)
  • Proof of Ownership / Lease Document of Infrastructure
  • Registration under charity Commissioner / Shop Act
  • Syllabus and Duration (3 Days) for First Aid Training


  • Notification to applicant will be sent on his Email or SMS. Hence request to provide email address and mobile number.
  • Click on Help on the top right corner of this application form, a sample application form duly filled with sample data in bilingual is available for your reference.
  • Take copy of application form using Print form before submitting.
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