Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health


Maharashtra, a leading state has witnessed a rapid industrial growth in last two decades and in near future also the rate of industrial growth would continue to increase. Industrialists and workers both have contributed to a large extent in the development of the State. A worker being the important element of the society. The Factories Act and Rules made there under are the piece of social legislation. The DISH is committed to enforce the Act/Rules for the betterment and upliftment of important section of the society i.e., workers. It is our belief that enforcement is not only tool or method to improve the Safety & Health performance and working conditions in the factories. But, this can be achieved more effectively by way of motivation, education, and persuasion so that it gets mass participation by the people associated with industrial production directly or indirectly. We firmly believe that with active co-operation from employers and employees, we will meet the challenges of tomorrow in respect of Industrial Safety and Health. We are also committed to the development of safety movement across the state in association with Industries Associations, employees and employers, MARG & public at large.

Also DISH would like to play the role of technical Friend & Guide, Philosopher, as the Industrial growth is going to generate more employment. With this vision, the department has already initiated positive steps with the help of ILO by conducting training programs like WISE (Work Improvement in Small Enterprises) for entrepreneurs, workers, officers. A simple tool "spot safety Audit” found very effective and useful. We want every worker including contract workers trained in safety operations. As a part of corporate and social responsibilities, we want their bigger units to help their vendors in the field so safety and health. Globalization made it of utmost necessity to improve the safety standards.

The department has initiated computerization and Labour Management System which would result in efficient administration and better transparency. With the combined efforts of the DISH, Industries and workers, we are sure that our nation would surpass the safety and health standards prevailing in developed countries, so that generations to come inherit prosperous economy and live in an health environment.

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