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Recognition of Competent Person

How to do Online Recognition of Competent Person using Mahakamgar

Competent person is a person or an institution recognized as such by the Chief Inspector for the purposes of carrying out tests, examinations and inspections required to be done in a factory. The qualification and experience of the persons employed in such institution and facilities available therein, with regard to the conduct of such tests, examinations and inspections, and more than one person or institution can be recognized as a competent person in relation to a factory. Recognition of the competent person is done in this regard by the department officials. The recognition is valid only for one year applicable from the date of approval. Registration/Recognition of Competent Person is applicable for calendar year. Every year Applicant has to go for the renewal process.

The applicant can apply for Grant of Certificate of Competency to a Person. The Form needs to be filled and send to the department along with the required documents for the process. With this function the entrepreneur will apply for registration as a competent person.

Every such application shall be accompanied by relevant physical documents as listed below.

Title Download
Required filling Form Required filling Form
Required filling Form Required filling Form
Competent Person Certificate Eligibility Required filling Form

Mandatory - Items

  • Application for Grant of Certificate of Competency to a Person
  • Attested copy of Qualification certificate
  • Attested copy of Experience certificate
  • Attested copy of Calibration certificates
  • Document supporting Facilities, Instruments and Equipments


  • Notification to applicant will be sent on his Email or SMS. Hence request to provide email address and mobile number.
  • Click on Help on the top right corner of this application form, a sample application form duly filled with sample data in bilingual is available for your reference.
  • Take copy of application form using Print form before submitting.
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