Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health

Approval of site, building Plan and Machinery Layout

How to do Online Approval of Site, Building Plan and Machinery Layout using Mahakamgar

Welcome to Mahakamgar. We shall help you to get your Factory Building Plan Approval online using Mahakamgar.

Detailed procedure for Approval of plans of the factory

(from application submission to application approval )

  • 1. Log on to the web site website that opens in a new window
  • 2. Click on "Create Employer User Profile”.
  • 3. Fill the information and complete the Registration procedure on MAITRI portal.
  • 4. Fill the CAF (Common Application Form).
  • 5. Select the service provided as Approval of Plan from Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health Department.
  • 6. Read all the instruction carefully and confirm it
  • 7.Fill the Questionnaire
  • 8.Fill information and complete Form 1 and upload the duly signed copy of the same on the portal.
  • 9. Upload recent photograph and signature
  • 10. Upload necessary documents- list attached
  • 11. Pay the necessary fees online
  • 12.Send the two copies of plans as described below by speed Post or by Courier tracking system to the concern Directorate of Industrial Safety and Health office.
    • Plans (Site, Building layout, machinery layout and cross sectional elevation of building)(two copies each)
    • Site Plan drawn to scale 1:500 showing the site of factory and immediate surroundings including adjacent buildings and structure, roads, drains etc.
    • Building Plan, elevation, cross sectional elevation to scale 1:100 including all relevant details like natural lighting, ventilation,means of escape in case of fire etc.
    • Machinery layout to scale 1:100 shall clearly indicate position of machines/equipments, passages.
  • 13. The application and plans will be scrutinised by the department and if found ok, the Plans will be approved within forty five days.
  • 14. The Plan approval letter can be downloaded from the same login id.
  • 15. The application will be rejected if any incomplete or wrong information is furnished.
  • 16. The applicant can apply again within 30 days from the rejection.

Necessary Documents for Approval of Plans of the Factory

  • 1. List of Raw Material (including solvents/fuels/chemicals used if any) with maximum storage capacity and mode of storage,handling.
  • 2. List of Finished products, Intermediate products including emission of toxic gases and by-products along with maximum quantities, method of handling, loading & transport.
  • 3. Process flow chart
  • 4. Description of Manufacturing Process
  • 5. Details of likely hazards involved and methods to control them.
  • 6. Material Safety Data Sheets in respect of hazardous chemicals
  • 7. Process & Instrumentation Diagram.
  • 8. Details of Chemical reactions carried out if any.
  • 9. Details of fire fighting arrangements proposed to make.
  • 10.Duly signed copy of Form no. 1.
  • 11. Allotment letter from MIDC/ NOC from Local authority.

Process Diagram (Flow-Chart)

Work Flow At Department Level (Flow-Chart)

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