Department of Labour

Inspection Procedure of Labour Department

The Inspectors notified under various labour laws carryout inspections as per the following procedure

  • I. The Computerised Randomise Inspection system will generate list of factories/establishments randomly from domain of factories/ establishments for one week and allot to particular Inspector
  • II. Inspector will log in the system and see the allotted factories/establishments list.
  • III. Inspector will visit the factory/establishment from the list
  • IV. Inspector will check the relevant records of factory/ establishment physically and collect the information from present workers as required and related to various labour laws
  • V. Inspector will pass the inspection remarks online
  • VI. After completion of Inspection remarks the system will send SMS and mail to factory/establishment owner/management about inspection remarks
  • VII. Within 48 hours these inspection remarks will uploaded online on department portal
  • VIII. These inspection remarks are visible to all relevant escalated authority of labour department
  • IX. Inspector will give seven days time to factory/establishment owner/management to comply for the breaches mentioned in inspection remarks
  • X. Compliance submitted by factory/establishment are scrutinised by immediate higher authority of inspector
  • XI. After scrutiny, if compliance is not satisfactory OR compliance are not submitted, issue warning letter. And then after seven days if compliance is not satisfactory the show cause notice is issue.
  • XII. After the above correspondence if no satisfactory compliance is received then legal action is initiated against factory/ establishment.
  • XIII. If inspector could not visit some of the factories/establishments allotted to him/her, then the unvisited factories/establishments again will be add to domain of factories/establishments.
Sr. No. Checklist Download
1 Checklist for inspection under Contract Labour ( R & A) Act,1970 PDF(150 KB)
2 Checklist for inspection under Minimum Wages Act, 1948 PDF(144 KB)
3 Checklist for inspection under The Equal Remuneration Act, 1976. PDF(139 KB)
4 Checklist for inspection under The Maharashtra Shop & Establishment Act, 1948 PDF(151 KB)
5 Checklist for inspection under The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965. PDF(143 KB)
6 Checklist for inspection under The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 PDF(139 KB)
7 Checklist for inspection under The Payment of Wages Act, 1936 PDF(145 KB)
8 Template for Inspection of Establishments PDF(82 KB)
9 Template for Accident Inquiry PDF(12 KB)
10 Template for Complaint Inquiry PDF(7 KB)
11 Template for factory Inspection PDF(11 KB)
12 Documents required during inspection of factory PDF(177 KB)
13 Inspection Templates_23-09-2015 PDF(44 KB)
14 Inspection Template 24-09-2015 to 27-09-2015 Excel(42 KB)
15 Inspection Template 28-09-2015 to 29-09-2015 Excel(26 KB)
16 Inspection Template 30-09-2015 to 01-10-2015 Excel(44 KB)
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