Development Commissioner of the Unorganized Labour


Govt. of Maharashtra monitors and implements various Labour Welfare Schemes for the unorganized labour.

Development Commissioner office was established on 15th July of 2004 by the Govt. of Maharashtra.

Workers working in unorganized sectors such as construction, Beedi making, Handloom, Power loom, Rag picking, Sugarcane cutting, workers working in stone crushers and stone breaking, workers involved in news paper distribution, Rickshaw pullers, domestic workers etc., do not get the benefits of different labour welfare schemes and they are not covered under various existing Labour Laws.

Hence the Govt. of Maharashtra has decided and appointed a High Power Authority [Pradhikaran] under the chairman ship of the Chief Secretary at state level by which a resolution has been passed on 1st July 2004 for the welfare of Unorganized Labours.

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