Development Commissioner of the Unorganized Labour


Main features of the above said Act & Rules


To provide for the constitution of the Board for providing welfare of domestic workers in the State of Maharashtra and to create funds for granting various financial benefits & for matters connected therewith or incidental therewith

Constitution of Welfare Board for implementation of the Act (Section 3)

  • A Board or more Boards for one district or one Board for more than one district can be constituted
  • The Board shall consists of members representating equal number of employers, domestic workers and the number of members representating Government shall not be more than one third of the total numbers
  • The Government of Maharashtra vide Notification dt. 12th August 2011, have constituted the Domestic Workers Welfare Board for the State of Maharashtra.

Functions of the Board

  • The registration of domestic workers as beneficiaries under the Act
  • To grant benefits as enumerated under Section 10, to beneficiaries which they are entitled to under the Act
  • To constitute and administered the fund for the purposes of this Act as provided under Section 15.
  • To appoint aSecretary and such other Officers and employees as it considers necessary for the efficient discharge implementation of its functions under the Act.
  • And any other functions as may be assigned to it by the State Government, from time to time.
  • To maintain proper account and other relevant records and prepare an annual statement of accounts including the Balance-sheet.
  • To prepare its Budget for the next financial year showing the estimated receipts and expenditure of the Board and forward the same to the State Government etc.

Benefits to the beneficiary (10)

  • Immediate assistance to a beneficiary in case of accident,
  • Financial assistance for the education of the children of the beneficiary.
  • Medical expenses for treatment of ailments of a beneficiary or his dependent
  • Maternity benefit to the women beneficiaries (shall be restriction in case of two children only)
  • Payment of funeral expenses to the legal heir on the death of the beneficiary
  • Such other benefit as may be decided by the Board, from time to time.

Advisory Committee

The State Government may constitute an Advisory Committee to advise upon such matters arising out of the administration of the Act or relating to the application of provisions of the Act to domestic workers and employers or co-ordination of the work of various Boards as the State Government may refer to for advice. The Government of Maharashtra has constituted advisory Committee by the notification dated 23rd August 2010.

The Advisory Committee shall include an equal number of members representing the employers, domestic workers and members of the State legislature and the members representing State Government which shall not exceed 1/3 of its total number of members.

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