Directorate of Steam Boilers


Registration of Site Erected Boiler

Every boiler (as defined in the Boiler Act 1923 updated) shall be registered under this department.

  • Submission of application along with.
    • Detail as asked in format in the online system.
    • Requisite Receipted Challan for prescribed fees.
    • Hard copy of maker’s papers.
  • Scrutiny of makers papers only in case of boilers manufactured outside states by Tech. Asst./Tech. Officer.
  • Preparation & submission of job card.
  • Inspection of various pressure parts.
  • Inspection of various weld-preparations.
  • Testing of PTC in presence of officer.
  • Radiography report, PTC report, heat treatment chart acceptance.
  • Inspection after full welding.
  • Review of job-card and issue of permission for Hydro Test.
  • Further process is same as for Registration of Packaged Boilers.

Every such application shall be accompanied by relevant physical documents as listed below.

Mandatory - Items

  • Application along with,
  • Copy of maker’s papers.
  • Receipted Challan for prescribed fees.
  • Date of visit required.
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