Directorate of Steam Boilers

Director's Message

Shri. D. P. Antapurkar, Director of Steam Boilers

The Directorate of Steam Boilers is rendering its services since last 147 years. The objective of this department is to prevent boiler explosion and promote safety by protecting life and property by adhering to ‘The Boilers Act, 1923. Boiler, being explosive in nature, needs to be constructed, operated, and maintained using the set guidelines as per the Act and Indian Boiler Regulations and hence should be offered for regular inspection to the Directorate.

Maharashtra is one of the largest Boiler Manufacturing hub and the officers of this Directorate vigorously carry out inspection of in-use and under construction boilers thus promoting safety to life and property. The department is proud to state that there have been very few fatal accidents in Maharashtra due to its vigilant officers.

This Directorate also conducts the Boiler Operation Engineers and Boiler Attendant Exams as per Boiler Operation Engineers and Boiler Attendant Rules, 2011, which helps in creation of skilled & competent manpower for safe and efficient operation and maintenance of boiler. This also creates the job opportunity for efficient boiler engineers and attendants.

This Directorate organizes Awareness Programme for safe and efficient use of boiler for users and manufacturers.

This Directorate is delivering online services through portal. The major services like Registration of Boilers / Economisers, Renewal of Certificate for Boiler / Economisers, Transfer of ownership within the State, Issue of Duplicate Certificate, Various approvals for Manufacturer, Erector, Pipe Fabricators, Repairers are made online. Henceforth all the applications for the same will be accepted online only and I assure to deliver the quality and time bound services. Using this platform, I would like to appeal to all the concerned stakeholders to contact the Directorate for any queries, guidelines, or suggestions on rendering even better services.

Furthermore, the Self Certification scheme for boilers having heating surface area more than 1000 sq. meters and Third Party Inspection through CBB approved Inspecting Authorities for Boiler having heating surface area less than 1000 sq. meter is in place and owners of the Boiler can take advantage of same.

On the social front in response to Government of Maharashtra initiative for plantation of 4 corers trees, the Directorate of Steam Boilers has planned to plant 2 lacks trees, which is far exceeding its given target.

This Directorate of Steam Boilers has planned to create opportunities for under privileged candidates from orphanages by developing their skills for working as Boiler Attendants & welder.

Lastly I would like to appeal to all stakeholders to give safety as prime importance in the Boiler field as any negligence here may lead to irrevocable loss of life & property and life. Hence I urge you to please follow the safety requirements and guidelines.

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