Directorate of Steam Boilers


Inspection of Boiler-Economiser and Boiler Components During Manufacturing

This covers inspection of pressure parts, pressure vessel, heat exchangers, flash tanks, blowdown tanks, etc.

  • Submission of application for material inspection along with challan for requisite inspection fee.
  • Preparation of job-card of the boiler and keep ready prov. approved drawing, material certificate (duly accepted) at the time of inspection.
  • Inspections : At various stages as per appendix ‘J’ & listed in job card.
  • Review of job-card after completion of activities up to full welding, by Technical assistant/Technical officer.
  • Permission for hydraulic test after review by Director.
  • Final inspection and hydraulic test.
  • Approval of maker’s paper as per separate process.
  • Delivery of maker’s paper after putting hard seal of department.

Every such application shall be accompanied by relevant physical documents as listed below.

Mandatory - Items

  • Application along with, Project no./Works no., Date of visit required for stage inspection as per appendix 'J'
  • Receipted Challan for prescribed fees.
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