Directorate of Steam Boilers

Function under the Boilers Act, 1923

Functions under the Boilers Act, 1923 & Rules there under.

Functions of the Directorate of Steam Boilers under the Boilers Act, 1923 & Rules there under are as follows

  • To register the boiler / economiser under Section 7.
  • To certify renewal of certificate of the boiler / economizer under Section 8.
  • To act as an ex-officio Chairman for the Board of Examiners.
  • To nominate an officer as a Secretary to the Board of Examiners.
  • To act as Inspecting Authority under IBR, 1950 to certify boilers / economisers / boiler components manufactured.
  • To act as Competent Authority to certify welder certificate in Form XIII.
  • To grant permissions for manufacturing, repairs of boiler / economizers, boiler components, etc.
  • To revoke certificates granted to boiler / economisers under section 11.
  • To regulate transfer of boilers /economisers.
  • To inquire into accidents of boilers / economisers under Section 18.
  • To dispose the appeal under Section 19.
  • To sanction prosecution under Section 26.
  • To represent Central Boilers Board constituted under Section 27A on behalf of State Government.
  • To submit cases of exemptions to Government under Section 34.
  • To approve workshops as boiler repairer, pipe fabricator, boiler manufacturer, pressure vessel manufacturer, etc.
  • To grant exemption certificates for the steam generators.
  • To submit and Annual Report on the administration of the Act and such other reports and returns as may be called for by the State Government.
  • To supervise & control the work of inspectors.
  • To advice owners regarding the maintenance, working and cleaning of boilers.
  • As an Inspecting Authority, he shall-
    • Approve all drawings and plans for construction of boilers, parts thereof, steam receivers, separators, and other like equipments.
    • Supervise and control the work of all Inspecting Officers in the construction of boilers, parts thereof, steam receivers, separators, and other like equipments.
    • Issue certificates in Forms II and III-A and countersign certificates in Form-III of the Regulations for boilers, parts thereof, steam-pipes, steam receivers, separators, and other like equipments.
    • Advise the makers of boilers or of parts thereof or of steam receivers, separators and other like equipments with regard to the provisions of the Regulations so far as they relate to their design and constructional features
    • Supervise and control the working of any testing laboratory set up for the testing and examination of boilers or parts thereof under construction.
    • examine and approve all reports, regarding examination of boilers, parts thereof under construction in stages as enumerated in Appendix ‘J’ of the Regulations.
  • As an Inspecting Authority he shall keep in his office
    • A register of boilers and scantlings manufactured in the State.
    • A register of all tests carried out to test specimens against the boilers under manufacture
    • A register of radiographic and non-destructive examination carried out with the result thereof against each boiler of welded construction under manufacture
    • A register of Approved drawings and plans of boilers
    • A register of examination fees received in connection with construction of boilers, steam pipes or parts thereof
    • a schedule of stage examination of boilers or parts thereof in accordance with the provisions laid down under Appendix ‘J’ of the Regulations
  • As Chief Inspector, he shall
    • personally check the registration particulars and calculations submitted by Inspectors for all boilers inspected for registration as prescribed in Chapter IX of the Regulations and enter under his own signature the approved working pressure and all orders required by section 7
    • enter under his own signature any subsequent entries required in the registration book
    • obtain from the State of registry registration book of any boiler the transfer of which is reported under section 6 (b)
    • fix the area under the control of each Inspector and the Dy. Chief Inspector
    • approve the programs of all Dy. Chief Inspectors and Inspectors subordinate to him with due regard to the convenience of owners generally
    • examine and countersign the Inspector’s Memorandum of Inspection book of each boiler after each inspection
    • examine and pass orders on the diaries and returns of Dy. Chief Inspectors
    • pass orders in all cases in which an Inspector proposes to increase or reduce the pressure allowed for any boiler under section 8, or to revoke, cancel or refuse to renew the certificate of boiler under section 11, or to order important repairs, structural alterations, or renewals in a boiler under section 8
    • Pass orders in all cases in which it is reported that after due notice the boiler has not been properly prepared for inspection.
    • Decide all appeals as against the order of a Dy. Chief Inspector or an Inspector under section 19
    • Sanction prosecutions under the Act
    • Inquire into serious accidents to boilers.
  • As Chief Inspector, he shall keep in his office
    • a Register in Form A of all boilers registered in the State, or the registry of which has been transferred from another state
    • the Registration Book and Memorandum of Inspection Book of all boilers borne on his register
    • a register of appeals
    • a register of accidents
    • a register of registration and inspection fees received

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